Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Carlsbad Rest Day

Seals at the Cove in La Jolla

More Seals

Carlsbad Rest Day
Day 46

It is so nice to be here in Carlsbad with my Uncle Tom and Barb. We slept in this morning and had a filling breakfast. They both left early this morning for work. Barb works at the local YMCA and teaches aquatic fitness classes.

Greg and I were determined to swim in the ocean today, because it was going to be our last chance to swim before we left the coast. It was a 15 minute walk from Tom's apartment to the beach- awesome! Barb and Tom said it was going to be cold today, 65 degrees and water temperature of about 52. We thought that sounded pretty nice compared to the cold rivers and lakes we usually swim in. We had an awesome time at the beach, playing in the surf. We jumped in and over waves, floated, and just had a great time. I climbed on Greg's back and he would throw me into the water when the waves came. The ocean is such a fun place to play.

After our playing at the beach we drove out to UCSD where Tom works and he showed us around his shop and we looked at the projects his students were working on. His class uses metal cutting machines to manufacture various shapes and parts for nearly anything you could think of. He even had a table saw that when the blade touches a finger, it immediately stops and the person suffers no injury, it was pretty cool.

The four of us then went down to the town of La Jolla and visited the cove where the seals give birth. We walked around the fancy downtown and saw the shops and restaurants. For dinner we went to a Turkish restaurant and had a great meal. Greg and Tom had Gyro plates, Barb had a chicken plate, and I had a grilled veggie plate, all with taziki sauce. It was really fun to spend time with Tom and Barb and get to see a little of where they live. It will be nice to ride back through this area tomorrow. We really enjoyed having a relaxing day here with family. Now we should be rested and ready to conquer the upcoming hills and desert.


PS. I am very upset that I forgot to get a picture of all of us together. Barb has one that we may be able to get when it is developed, stay tuned.

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marc.chalfant said...

Sounds like a great day! Just today i was walking through the architecture building, and saw a bunch of models of buildings that looked just like the UCSD library! Also a coincidence: I made souvlaki and tzatziki for me and Mary last night too!