Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last day of riding

Oleta River State Park to Fort Lauderdale
20 Miles

We made good time getting out of our nice little cabin this morning. We were able to dry out clothes and other gear in the air conditioning which helped us pack up quickly. Oleta river is actually really close to our final destination, so we stopped on our way to get some coffee and tie up some loose ends on shipping our bikes and so on. Traffic was very mellow once we got back into Broward county, and we enjoyed our ride along A1A.

We found our way back to Bicycle Evolution, a great little bike shop in Fort Lauderdale. The owner stored our bike boxes and some extra stuff for us, and gave us a great space to unpack our bikes and package up our gear. We will be having him pack our bikes for us, and I will determine how to deal with my damaged frame when we get home. It sounds like the shipping company, Bike Flights, will just send me a new frame, and I will send my old one in to them so they can take a look at it.

Packing up our gear was surprisingly simple. After we squared away our bikes at the shop, we caught the bus just down the road to our hotel for the night.

Overall, a pretty uneventful and enjoyable last day of our trip. We will be hanging out at our hotel and going to bed early tonight as we have to catch a taxi to the airport at 5 am.


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Edwin said...

After reading about your problem at the Key West ferry, was this not a vehicle ferry?

If so, I wonder if you thought about paying your fare, getting in line with other passengers, and simply making fast friends with somebody in a pick-up or large SUV that you could ask to hold your BOB trailer before driving on board. Edwin in Alabama (from ACA forum)