Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ferndale to Phillipsville, CA

Captions from the top: Road called the "Avenue of the Giants", Dani on the Avenue of the Giants, A redwood stump sprouting they are the only conifer species that stump sprouts, The biggest redwood mill in California in Scotia.
Ferndale to Phillipsville, CA
54 miles
Day 19

Today we got a good start (out of the campground before 9!) but ended up sticking around town until a little before 10. Riding was beautiful but a little slow today. We were taken aback by the grandeur of the redwoods at Humboldt Redwoods State Park. We rode nearly the entire day on the "Avenue of the Giants." It was a sunny beautiful day. Towards the evening we started to feel a headwind as a storm is blowing into the area. BUMMER! Luckily it won't last long. We stopped at Riverbend Winery and sampled their wine selection. It was really great and made for a nice stop along the way. They even gave us a house wine glass. I think we will be mailing that home soon.

We had been planning to camp at Piercy but didn't make it that far tonight. We got stuck between campgrounds late in the evening. Our revised plan was to ride to a campground south of Phillipsville, until we realized that we would have to get back on HWY 101 at dusk. No thanks. I was really bummed that we might have to get a hotel room, as there are no campgrounds in Phillipsville. In a last ditch attempt to avoid the extra spending, I asked a local if he knew of anywhere to camp for free, and here we are, camped on the bank of the South Fork of the Eel River.



doyler said...

Hi guy and gal. It looks like you are in some beautiful country and having nice weather. I can't wait to drive thru there in the VW van.Keep on trucking and I hope the weather stays good for you. A side note. Maybe you should ask for free campsites instead camping in closed campgrounds considering your history with campgrounds and federal authorities, Ha Ha!

Staci said...

5302 Cushman Rd NE

it was terrifying to see your face that closely greg. you might want to blow your nose. hahahahah, jk, great pics, ferndale is adorable!

Emily said...

dani and greg! I am so excited about your adventure!! You should bike UP to yosemite. =) Or maybe I can stand by the road when you get to san diego and throw tomatoes at you. Instead of trail angel I could be a road angel. Have fun, relish the difficulties.

Rachel Cudmore said...

woo hoo!! you guys are awesome. Love the pics and videos!! Glad to see your making your way, I'm jealous. Someday i hope i can get out there too, watch out for emily and her tomatoes. Have fun!!