Thursday, November 5, 2009

Phillipsville to Garberville, CA

Phillipsville to Garberville, CA
Day 20 10 miles

Today was a very easy day. We rode to Garberville and stopped because we are meeting Dani's dad Paul here. He happened to be on business at Pt. Reyes National Sea Shore not far to the South so he is driving up to meet us here at Garberville. It is the only spot around here that has more than one hotel and some places to eat at, so we thought this might be a good place to stop.

The one day that we didn't need to get out of camp early, and we got out by 8:00! What a freakish deal. It is probably because we didn't have breakfast this morning. Instead we just packed up and headed out. We were thinking of eating our breakfast in Garberville, but when we got there is started raining so we talked ourselves into going to a cafe for a later breakfast. It was a good decision. This place was super friendly and the portions were huge and the food was great. The biscuits and gravy was particularly excellent because both gravy and biscuits were homemade. We hung out in the local library waiting for Paul to arrive and read some newspapers and Consumers Reports. Exciting stuff.

When Paul arrived we went to a free wine and cheese tasting provided by the hotel. This was excellent. Cheese and crackers galore with brimming full wine glasses, and as much of each as we wanted. Then Paul took us to a bistro downtown and we had some great food for supper. Pretty relaxing and high class for a day of bike touring... if you can even call it that.


Just a look back at the hectic departure from Missoula. Thanks for the photos Jeff. Note Dani screaming at us all to take our places!!! AHHHH. Ok she really isn't screaming, just making a funny face.

Here is the beautifully composed photo of Jeff, Courtney, Dani, and Greg

Beauty shot of the prof. or the professional photographer Jeff

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