Thursday, February 25, 2010

Long day in the saddle, we ride to Tallahassee

The sun came out today!

Beautiful trees lining out route
On the left of the road is a tree farm, I think.

Marianna to Tallahassee Florida
Day 113
79 miles

This morning I got up and washed dishes because I felt very awake before Greg felt like getting up. I had a relaxing time finding a nice spot in the sun to do some yoga before eating breakfast. After I finished the yoga, I went back to our picnic table where I had spilled some water while washing dishes to find that the water I had spilled was frozen. It definitely got very cold here last night, and apparently it is still very cold. I thought I had been wimpy for thinking that my fingers felt really cold for some reason, now I know why. After breakfast we attempted to get out of the campground at a decent time but the cold really kept us moving slowly. We ended up leaving at 10:30, which isn't too bad. We pulled into a McDonald's for wireless around 11:45 AM to check email and get in touch with our warmshowers hosts in Tallahassee. We tried our best to leave at a good time, but with the cold we just couldn't make it happen faster.

Today's riding was a gentle and hilly ride. We felt strong to start out and I told myself I was going to ride today as if I was in a triathlon. I pushed as hard as I could all day, or for as much as I reasonably could and Greg did the same. We ended up making pretty good time but our biggest concern was getting to our hosts Susan and Kevin's home before it got too late. We also hit the realization about an hour into the ride that we are also crossing into Eastern time today, which puts us another hour later that we had planned! Well, our hard riding got us to the outskirts of Tallahassee right at dusk and we ended up riding through some moderate to heavy traffic for a short distance in town. It was a relief to see Kevin on a street corner cheering us on and making sure we were on track. He really helped us out by guiding us through the neighborhoods in the dark to his family's home.

When we arrived we couldn't believe what a relief it was to finally be done riding for the day. We worked so hard to make it this far today and truly feel exhausted. We were met at the gate by Susan and Kevin's son Dominick and their dog Cooper, a little Yorkie. Dominick is 11 years old and he has gone on some really amazing adventures with his parents. The three of them ride a triplet, which is a tandem bicycle built for three. They have taken the bike to Europe on many occasions and ridden in France on five different trips. What an amazing experience it must have been for a whole family to spend such good time together and see a new country, all while getting exercise. Susan and Kevin served us some homemade ginger pancakes with syrup, bananas, and homemade whipped cream for dinner. We even had tea and raspberry sorbet for dessert. We feel so welcome here in their home. We had a great time talking to them tonight and hearing about their adventures and life philosophies. After a hot shower, we will really sleep well tonight.


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