Friday, February 12, 2010

A snow day... In Louisiana?

Snow actually stuck on the roof of the motel.

Snow on the car right in front of our room. The sides of the roads were also iced over.

Simmesport Rest Day


Day 100

We decided to stay another day today because it snowed last night. Snow in Louisiana!? El Nino is still following us, obviously. We are wondering if we will ever get away from below freezing weather. We never expected this so close to the Gulf of Mexico. It was a wet, cold night. As much as I hated to stay in this particular motel again, it was the only choice. We thought about hitchhiking, but ruled it out. We even considered riding that day, but with the snow/sleet on the ground and the fact that I am 100% confident that most drivers in Louisiana do not know how to drive in this weather, we decided to play it safe and stay off the roads.

We walked to the public library so we could post a note on the Blog and check some email. Then we had lunch at a local diner. We each got a Po-Boy with catfish, gulf coast oysters and gulf coast shrimp. Mmm, good tasting food! We watched TV and made food for the rest of the day. We also had pretty poor weather information because the weather channel didn't have a local slot and we could only gather information from the national forecast. We are anxious to get on our way tomorrow and make some miles. Miles and smiles and hopefully some sun.


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