Saturday, February 27, 2010

Suwanee River at sunset.
The Suwanee River was made famous by Stephen Foster's song Old Folks at Home, in which he sings ..."the folks up North will see me no more when I get to that Swanee shore".

Monticello to Suwanee River State Park


Day 115

52 miles

4,742 total miles

This morning we slept longer than usual because we were so used to central time. We ended up waking up at 9AM. We had brought granola and almond milk for breakfast. When we tried the almond milk we were both a little grossed out. Greg said “it tastes like dirt.” I have to agree. I must have had sweetened almond milk when I last tried it because I did not really enjoy this stuff. It was a good thing Diane had all the eggs you could dream of and we helped ourselves to some more eggs this morning. Mmm! It is so good to have fresh eggs. Diane sent us on our way with a dozen more eggs, half of them hard boiled for snacks. Thanks again Diane and her many chickens!

We rode all day on Highway 90 and Greg kept noticing Colt 45 cans along this road. We think this is a pretty gross drink, but it must be popular around here. After riding for some time without saying much to each other, Greg turned to me and said, “Do you know what I'm thinking about right now?” I thought for a second and asked him if it had to do with Missoula, and he said it did. I immediately said “You're thinking about Big Dipper Ice Cream.” He was so surprised and said, “No way! How did you know that?” I knew because I had just been thinking about Big Dipper as well. It was ironically funny how we both came to be thinking of our favorite ice cream place at the same exact time.

We stopped in Madison at the Winn Dixie supermarket for some groceries. I felt quite refreshed after downing some Naked juice for lunch. After Winn Dixie we headed down the road for some more food for lunch and stopped at Subway to finish off the balance on our Subway gift card. We had a filling meal there and proceeded across the street to...yes...a McDonalds. It is irritating that this is our only reliable source for internet and that they are so conveniently located on our route. Oh well, its better than not posting our blogs at all. We spent a couple of hours in the McDonalds while we wrote and posted some more blogs. Two obese children sat in front of us and must have been the kids of someone working here at McDonalds. I felt bad for them because they were obviously eating McDonalds food all day and that has to be bad for their bodies, especially for growing kids. The childhood obesity epidemic is very apparent in this part of the country.

Pulling into the Suwanee River State Park at around 6:30PM we found that the entrance gate had already been closed for the night. We could not duck under it, so we bushwhacked around the gate and rode into the park. We found the campground and set up our camp. We were a little nervous about having come in after hours and we initially started setting up camp in a site that had a “reserved” sticker on the post. When we realized this, we ended up having to move everything down the road a couple hundred feet to an empty spot. Greg and I had a filling meal of egg, bean and hashbrown burritos and fell asleep as soon as we could because it was going to be another cold night.


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