Thursday, October 29, 2009

Denmark to Port Orford OR.....and it rained

Denmark to Port Orford
10 miles

We stayed at our KOA until about noon doing laundry and working on our blog. Thank goodness for clean clothes! Within minutes of leaving the campground we ran into a fine rainy mist. It was deceivingly wet for how light it looked and we were completely soaked within ten minutes. We kept riding in the gusting wind and rain for ten miles into Port Orford, where we went to the public library for an hour. we got some blogs entered and then rode to the next cafe we saw and had some burritos and shivered, soaking wet. We decided the only option we really had was to get a motel room because we were too cold to keep going in the wind and rain. Visibility was poor, so it was not the ideal riding situation. We called Greg's mom Sherry and she looked for a cheap room for us (the library kicked us off the internet after 1 hour). When she called back she let us know she had booked a room for us. We were so excited we just couldn't wait to get inside, dry our clothes, and get a hot shower. Thanks Sherry! We spent the rest of the night writing more, eating cookies, watching the news and doing some internet research for jobs and a new vehicle for me. hopefully tomorrow goes a little better.


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