Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Missoula

We have been in Missoula since Monday evening staying with some gracious friends. We have been running many errands and buying last minute items for the trip. We bought maps for the route all the way to Florida, reflective triangles, handlebar bag, water bottle holders, items for the bike repair kit, ect... I still need to repair my tube before we leave. Greg's ibook died the night before we left Emigrant. MT and we bought a Netbook and it was delivered to Missoula yesterday. Thank goodness! it has been great so far and it is so tiny! only 2 lbs. So we will be able to follow through with the blog regularly thanks to this little computer.
Yesterday we spent most of our time putting together our panniers and packing equipment in the BOB trailer. We realized we are going to need a front rack. So now the search is on for this item. We may need to buy it in Portland.
Greg has a new camera as well and here are some photos from the last couple of days.

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