Thursday, October 22, 2009

The rest of the Tillamook Day

Finish in Oceanside 10/22/09
Day 6- 45 Miles

We left Tillamook in the rain bound for Cape Meares State Park. There was no campground there but we though we might be able to poach a campsite somewhere in the woods. Yeah right. Tillamook county receives 90 inches of rain per year on average. The amount of vegetation in the forest here is not conducive to camping in an unmarked spot. We could not even find a place where we could wheel our bikes off of the road. We gave up and had to ride back up a huge hill to get out of Cape Meares State Park. We rode to the next town as dusk fell. Luckily Oceanside was only 3 miles further down the road. Unfortunately, however, no one in Oceanside knew of a place we could camp and it was starting to rain harder, so we succumbed to the only option in town, a hotel.

The cheapest room in the town with three hotels was $79. The owner at the Oceanside Inn greeted us with, "Yeah I hate that room it is my least favorite one in the place." To which I replied, "Well then you should give us a discount." He huffed and said it was the going rate take it or leave it. I tried telling him he should give us a discount because we were traveling on bikes (I will try anything) and he said "I don't care that is your fault". This guy was a real ass. He continued to tell us that people riding bikes doesn't make sense, and that we have a big hill coming up that we probably can't make it over. I had to bite my tongue. Our room, once we got inside, was acceptable, clean at least, but pretty run down. There was a kitchenette, but the room instructions left on the door informed us that guests must wash and put away any dishes they get dirty. What a place for $79. All I could think of was how many new chains, or new tubes we could buy for $79 instead of giving them up to this bloodsucker. Our experience at this hotel ended with us forgetting my rain-jacket in the room as we turned the key in. Dani asked for the key back and he asked why. She told him and he said "Well that was dumb wasn't it." What a miserable jerk. Oceanside itself is beautiful though, but rainy. There is a nice little coffee shop there where we ate breakfast. They had great breakfast burritos with zucchini! My favorite.


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