Friday, October 16, 2009

An interesting first day

So…. What is there to really say about the last twelve hours of our trip…. Let me just quote myself.

Greg “Dani, oh my god, this is so bad, oh my god I can’t even tell you.”
Dani “Greg what is it, what happened?”
Greg “No seriously i can’t tell you.”
Dani “What is it?”
Greg “We forgot the BOB Trailer. I can’t believe it but we did.”
Dani “Are you sure?”
Greg “Yep it is still in Missoula in Jeff’s basement.”

Of course the point at which I told Dani this was after we had already covered about thirty miles on the train. There was no turning back, but let me back up a little.

We arrived at the train station a little late and only had twenty minutes to disassemble our bikes, assemble the bike boxes, pack the bikes, and put them on the checked baggage cart. Yes, it was a bit stressful, and in all of the haste to achieve this in such a short period of time, I lost one of the stem binder bolts on Dani's bike that clamps the handle bars to the end of the stem. I thought that was my big mistake of the night. I was wrong. When I realized we forgot the BOB trailer, the one missing bolt didn't seem so bad after all.

After a surprisingly short freak-out session Dani and I calmed down and decided rather than spend $100 dollars to ship the trailer to Portland and spend the extra money to stay there for at least two nights, we are going to try to find a new trailer in the city and sell it at the end of our trip. The difference in money will probably be a wash.

Oh well!! The adventure starts before we even get off the train!!


Thanks for the ride to Whitefish, Courtney!

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