Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Day on the Bike

This morning Greg and I woke up groggy on the train and watched the sun rise over the Columbia River Gorge. We got off the train and loaded all of our gear into a pile at the train station. I opened the bike box and to my surprise, I FOUND THE MISSING SCREW! Haha, and Greg thought that was the worst of our troubles. I sat and watched the gear while Greg rode his bike into Portland and bought a used BOB trailer, a new front rack, and bottle cages at Waterfront Cycles. When Greg got back to the train station we attempted to mount the front rack to Greg’s bike, with a very curious crowd of train passengers surrounding us. We spent several hours in the train station trying to affix this rack to the bike, but it was not to our liking so we then loaded up and both rode back to the shop. The guys at the shop tried to help us get the rack mounted for several more hours, but to no avail. Greg and I were both starving, we hadn’t eaten since early in the morning, so we decided to take a break and get a burrito. When we returned to the shop, one of the bike mechanics, Marty, had found a way to mount the rack. These guys were so helpful and nice, they even offered up their home for us that night, because at that time it was past 4 o’clock. We declined their offer and finally left Portland by 5 o’clock.

Leaving Portland so late only gave us about an hour and a half of sunlight, but we figured we could make it to Scapoose, OR, about 25 miles. We were met by friendly people all along our way to Scapoose. When we arrived in Scapoose it was pitch dark and we had nowhere to stay. We rode the length of town looking for a hotel or a sign for a campground, but found nothing. We turned around and found a little cigar shop to inquire in. Inside we were told of a nice little county campground a way off the road. We arrived at the campground later than we had planned. We were very pleasantly surprised by our friendly campground host, Donna who greeted us at the campground entrance. She told us we could stay under a picnic shelter in case of rain. The campground was very nice, it had warm showers and only cost $7.00 for a tent site, but it was made much better by Donna. Her hospitality is second to none. She brought us a Duralog to make a fire, and offered us her homemade chicken noodle soup with a side of hot corn on the cob for dinner. Her soup was absolutely amazing. Nothing like chicken noodle soup after a trying day.
Day 1- 25 miles

Dani Eating our great supper made for us by Donna. Thanks Donna! Also Our Campsite at Airport Park Campground in Scapoose, OR. Great Place
ani & Greg

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