Friday, October 16, 2009

Leaving on Amtrak

So, today is the day that we leave, bikes and gear in tow, on the train bound for Portland. We will be leaving Whitefish at around 9:00 pm an arriving in Portland the next day at about 10:00 am. We are riding on the empire builder which should be fun for me (Greg) because I have never ridden on a train. The ten day forecast for northern Oregon looks pretty grim, lots and lots of rain, but I guess that is why we bought waterproof gear. Hopefully we can get our bikes put together and head out of Portland on Saturday and still make a few miles before it is dark. We would like to get to Astoria by the end of Monday, about 100 miles from Portland.

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The Donald said...

Hey guys congrats on getting under way. I admire you both for having the courage to be different and to live your lives with your hearts as much as your heads. May each push of the pedal bring you closer to a new adventure, and every morning bring you the joy of being free and on the road. Have fun!