Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting closer

One step closer and now we know when we will be leaving from Montana by train to Portland. October 16th! How exciting. I just got done working at Canyon in Yellowstone and we worked Monday and Tuesday in 70 degree sunshine and Wednesday and Thursday (10 hour days) in a blizzard/snow. I am attaching a picture just to see how it is done on this blog. This is an elk we saw during our hike to the work site.


Paul Chalfant said...

And you get paid for this?

Staci said...

are you not coming to washington then?????

Sarah said...

i'm so excited for you guys! Have a fun trip!

Claire said...

Hi Dani and Greg,

I spoke with your Dad today. Yea, we get to see multiple family members. If you get close and would like me to come pick you up, we have a bike rake, just give me a call.

Clairey Beary, Susan, Eric, Chris