Friday, January 29, 2010

Another day in Tirza's place. Yes we still ride bikes, I think.

Dani powering up our radio. This thing is so great. We could catch up on news by listening to an NPR station, and it also has a weather band so we can hear about the storm and listen to the forecast.

Rest day at Tirza's place somewhere around Sisterdale.


Day 86

No miles, all rest

We decided to stay one more day at this cozy home because of the unusually cold weather today. We have begun to feel very antsy about not going anywhere for several days, but we know that we will still reach our destination in time. We even went through our maps and miles to find that we will still be right on track, within one day of Greg's estimation of the day we will arrive in St. Augustine, Florida. We just took the day to reflect on the trip so far, and ideas about what we will do in the next year. We watched movies and cooked. We are really looking forward to moving on down the road tomorrow.


Greg's note: I know I said we would never leave if we didn't leave today, but I still have confidence. Alos, we have recently realized that we really don't know where we are. All we do know is that we are at Tirza's really nice little house and that is good enough for us. We are somewhere between Sisterdale and Luchenbach and Fredericksburg.


soyler said...

I'm so glad that some very smart person got you your NOAA radio!! You could do a great advertisement for LL Bean!! Hope you are feeling much better Dani!!


DaniandGreg said...

Thank you sooo much! we love that little radio.