Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buckhorn to Silver City, NM

The Continental Divide. It must be all downhill from here right?

Greg an Nate riding together

Buckhorn to Silver City, NM


Day 62

45 miles

This morning was a bit cold, but not too uncomfortable. We rolled out of bed later than usual to allow the sun to warm everything up and start melting our tent. When the temperature gets into the mid 20's at night just the moisture from our breath covers the inside of the tent in a layer of frost, so it takes awhile to melt off in the morning. Nate discovered last night that his tent was missing the poles, so he rolled up in a burrito wrap style and slept anyway.

We realized after we got up that we didn't really have much for breakfast, so we decided to go to the Buckhorn store to eat. When we got there we realized all they had were these little things called tornados, so we just called them tornadoes. We didn't realize that the ones we ordered had meat, but come to find out they did. It was like fried dough in a tortilla shape wrapped around greasy sausage. Yum. Needless to say it wasn't to satisfying.

When we finished breakfast and packed up, Nate took our gear for us in the car so we could ride unloaded for a day. Nate drove ahead to our destination, and the rode his bike back and met us about halfway, and the rode back with us. It made for a fun day of riding. We crossed the continental divide today. Dani and I both realized we hadn't been on the East side of the Divide since we left Yellowstone (not counting our Christmas Break of course). It was amazing to think we are just now going back over the divide. Somewhere way North of here Yellowstone is locked in a deep freeze winter.

We got to Silver City and decided to stay at the KOA. Before we made camp Nate bought us lunch at a really great Mexican restaurant in downtown Silver City. Just like I had hope they had some very spicy chili! We got some groceries and while we were in the store, some lady accused Dani of stealing. Dani was just holding her hands behind her back and the lady asked her sarcastically how she had learned that trick. Dani told her, of course, that she wasn't stealing but the lady didn't believe her. As we left the store, the lady approached Dani again in the parking lot and kind of apologized but said basically that Dani was being tempted by satan to steal and there is constant temptation in our lives but we need to have faith in Jesus. What? Ok fine, but Dani didn't steal anything and she has the most guiltless conscience of anyone I know. This lady was weird.

We rode out to the KOA in the dark and we all three hung out in the little recreation room. After 9 o'clock we decided to cook up the elk burger that Nate brought. We ended up eating a very huge late supper, but it was extremely satisfying. Thanks Nate! Tomorrow we will be going over the highest point on our whole trip.


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