Friday, January 8, 2010

Caballo Rest, our snow day!

Caballo Mountains in the background, the thin line of the Caballo reservoir, snowy prickly pear cactus and the tall bloom of an agave, or century plant.

Our poor bikes, just covered in snow.

Our cabin looks a little different today.

Prickly pears blanketed in snow.

Caballo Rest Day


Day 65

Snow! We woke up this morning to snow covering everything. We are SO happy to be in the cabin. We rushed over to the office to book the cabin for another night. There is no reason for us to ride today, it will be a welcome time to rest. Tonight we heard strange noises outside of the cabin. We went outside and found our camping neighbors walking around with a flashlight, they had seen javelinas (small native desert pigs) in the cactus. I wish I had seen them! We found out that they have wireless, yay! We will be ready to ride to Las Cruces tomorrow.


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Staci said...

enjoy your rest! be careful in that snow! we've got some news to share with you next time we talk on the phone! love!