Sunday, January 3, 2010

Safford to Three Way AZ

Campsite at Forest Service Ranger Station

Here is a view of the hill we came down to cross the Gila River

The rocks and landscape here are changing from the usual desert. The Rocky Mountains must be close!

Not quite like the Black Hills that I know, but still, very nice

Safford to Three Way, Arizona

34 miles


Day 60

Safford, as we found out later, is booming due to a mine that has opened recently. While leaving Safford we rode through more flat land with cotton fields. Eventually we began our slow 14 mile climb. I got sore during the climb and decided that the Hokey Pokey would be a good way to stretch and take a break (hopefully we will put up the video.) About half way up the climb I discovered a purse on the side of the road. Because there were some prescription meds in the purse, we did not want to carry them in our possession to the next town, so, we called the local police. They reluctantly sent a trooper out to meet us and get the purse. We wanted to keep riding but they asked that we stay put until the trooper reached us. We felt like we had tried to do the right thing by turning in the purse, then felt like we were being punished or suspected because we were told to wait on the roadside. The trooper eventually showed up and took the purse and thanked us for waiting. At least we did the right thing by calling the police. It set us back a while and we couldn't go any further than Three Way that night.

But oh, how we enjoyed the seven mile descent into Three Way and over the Gila River. Three Way is no more than a spot on the map. It consists of a Forest Service Station, Arizona Department of Transportation Station, a broken down drive in theater, and a convenience store/gas station. We had a great camp spot at a picnic area at the Clifton Forest Service Ranger Station. We ate ice cream and chips and salsa. We also tried a new dinner menu by adding smoked herring filets to our spaghetti, which was quite good. For entertainment we listened to our new solar powered radio and sang and danced while we set up camp.


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