Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A rest day in a New Place: Welcome to Grape Creek. Wait Where is Grape Creek?

Second day in Kerrville/Sisterdale (kind of)
Day 84
some car travel-no bike riding

We had some great rest last night and slept in this morning in our comfortable bed. When we got up, Mrs. Fudge had a great breakfast of banana pancakes, fresh eggs, bacon, coffee and orange juice. We enjoyed relaxing and talking to Tirza, Mrs. Fudge and Mr. Fudge this morning. Wiley had to leave early for work before we woke up.

We tried to decide what we were going to do today, either go to Comfort, or take Tirza's offer of staying at her house in the hills near Sisterdale, which is down the road and off our route, but in the right direction. We went back and forth with the two options and considered the weather. Our forecast for tomorrow called for strong winds and a high chance of rain, 1-2” probable. We know that we do not want to ride in these conditions. Eventually, we decided to go to Tirza's house, as she was going to be out of town and was very excited to have us there. She offered to drive us, and because it was late in the day and off our route, we accepted. We felt it was very important to be somewhere safe and dry when tomorrow's storm comes. The Fudges helped us get there by shuttling our bikes up to Tirza's house. On the way to her house, we went to the HEB grocery store together and had a fun time going through the store. I know it sounds weird that grocery shopping was fun, but we have a way of making simple things very exciting, especially with someone as fun and easy to get along with as Tirza.

Tirza is a massage therapist and is leaving to do some work for the week. We got to her home and looked around. It is a really nice little place out in the country, surrounded by ranches and cattle. We are so excited to have this cozy home to stay dry during the storm. We kept Tirza company while she packed and then the Fudges showed up with our bikes. They even brought up some of the smoked ham they were having for dinner, how nice! We said goodbye to the Fudges and then Tirza, we will miss our new friends. However, we think we might get to see Wiley and Tirza in Austin. Stay tuned!


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