Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank You NOAA for Predicting a Headwind and Allowing Us a Day of Rest

Del Rio Rest day....


Day 79

6 miles around town

We checked out and packed up for the ride today, then decided to rest another day in Del Rio because of weather conditions. You see, to ride the 30 miles to the next town would have required us to ride into a very strong headwind (25 mph), and put forth a lot of energy. Instead, because the forecast was for a strong tailwind (West winds) tomorrow we decided we would just make tomorrow a long day and that way we could rest up from our big days, and get the same amount of riding done with less effort.

For breakfast we headed across the parking lot to the International House of Pancakes, our second visit of the trip. They lured us in by advertising “All you can eat pancake breakfast.” Indeed, they weren't lying, we got an egg and potato breakfast with all you can eat pancakes for $4.99 each. That is the second “All you can eat” meal within 12 hours. Somehow Greg still gets hungry again about an hour and a half after even these large meals.

After some more riding around town, we stopped at a Dairy Queen to buy some Blizzards (surprisingly only the second DQ we have been to on the trip!). Boy, we are some health food nuts these days.

We cruised around town for awhile and bought groceries before heading back west to the camping spot.

We found a little RV park in Del Rio called “Buzzard Roost” for $10. They had a decent little patch of grass for us and also provided us with WIFI, which our hotel did not. We hope this day will help propel us forward tomorrow.


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