Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Storm and a Rest Day

A view from Tirza's place as the storm starts to move in.

Hard to tell from a picture, but it is raining very hard, and the wind is blowing like crazy.

Rest day at Tirza's place somewhere around Sisterdale.
Day 85
No miles, all rest

Wow, all of these rest days and such nice hospitality are starting to make us wonder why we are on this trip. Oh yeah, cross country travel and bike riding and adventure. Today's lack of adventure, however, was very nice. We slept in knowing that we had nothing to accomplish today. Rain and wind were forecasted, and sure enough, not long after we woke up the wind was howling and rain started coming down in sheets. Lucky for us, we were warm and comfortable inside this nice little place out in the country. We ate breakfast and watched as the wind tousled the oak trees from side to side. We are happy we are not outside today.

There is little to no cell phone service here, no internet, and no cable TV. Perfect. We have been spending the day watching movies, listening to NPR on our cool little solar powered radio, and cooking up food. Usually we have too many distractions on our rest days, and they don't end up being very restful, but today has been great. The storm is continuing, and there is even a tornado watch, but all of the weather is supposed to move out of the area by tomorrow. We should be able to get on our way again. If we don't leave tomorrow, who knows, we might never leave the Texas Hill Country.


Another note around 11 pm we just started getting a bunch of lightning and thunder. Guess we will just have to pop in another movie.

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