Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grape Creek (Tirza's place) to Wimberley, TX

Raccoon with no fear in Wimberley, TX

Armadillo, they are cool to see, even if they are dead, mammals with "shells"

Don't mess with Texans, seriously. You risk death.

A nice, narrow, deserted road through Texas Hill Country.

Another note: We have had little to no internet and almost no cell service in the last 5 days or so. We got way behind on the blog (again) sorry about that. If you want to catch up on it, scroll down a few days or more and start reading there. We will try to stay more up to date.

Grape Creek (Tirza's place) to Wimberley, TX
Day 87
72 miles

We left this morning from Tirza's home with mixed feelings, happy to be moving down the road, and also sad to leave the comforts of a home. The ride from her house to Sisterdale was absolutely gorgeous, with rolling hills, oak trees and many small creeks. Sheep and goats wandered along the road as we pedaled through. There was little traffic and the weather was beautiful. We made it easily to Blanco, where we got Blizzards at Dairy Queen, and then realized we had a flat tire on the BoB trailer. We fixed the flat (which we never actually found the source of, and never applied a patch) and headed on to Wimberley.

On the way I saw my first armadillo, dead on the road. They are such cool, prehistoric animals. You can just imagine them crawling around on the earth, eating earthworms. Between Blanco and Wimberley we crossed several creeks that were flowing on the road after the big rainstorm we just had.

We got into Wimberley just as it got dark and headed to a restaurant for dinner. It is really cold tonight and since we had not yet bought groceries, we figured, why not go out to eat. We had catfish and tilapia po'boys and a bowl of chili, then made our way back to the bikes and our camp spot. On the way I saw a BIG raccoon, just walking the streets, completely unafraid of us. I wish we had the slingshot! I know that we will have to be more careful about food now, the raccoons are on the prowl. We camped behind the Emergency Medical Services building, which was nice and felt very safe. It is always nice to find free camping along the way. We even went in and talked to some of the EMS staff, and they were very friendly. We got into our sleeping bags as quickly as possible because it is so cold tonight.



Staci said...

you guys should try to find a map you can mark your progress on. i think that would be cool.

DaniandGreg said...

Hey, that is a good idea, many people have suggested it to us. We are thinking of a way to show you guys our route better. As soon as I am done writing the blog tonight I will pursue that!