Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kerrville Rest Day. Kerrville History and The Fudge's Hospitality.

Bricks on Water Street in Kerrville. Remschel is my Grandmother's maiden name. Her family was from here and we came across these bricks by accident. Crazy

Her family used to own a house with a tennis court on this street of her namesake. Greg's long lost family history.

The room the Fudge's put us up in at their house. So nice! We slept so well.

Rest Day in Kerrville


Day 83

7 miles

Total: 3,365 miles

This morning we woke up to a great breakfast of bacon, eggs, and biscuits with Mr. Fudge while Mrs. Fudge was out getting groceries. We went to the Franklin Clinic first to see a doctor and get a prescription. It took nearly two hours to get an appointment, but they finally saw me and confirmed that I had a UTI. I had already taken a test strip you can buy at the pharmacy, so I knew that I had a UTI. He gave me a prescription and we headed to Walgreens. Needless to say it took over an hour to get that prescription filled, but I am so glad I finally have the needed medicine.

After lunch and getting the medicine, we went out to find Remschel Avenue. Remschel is Greg's Grandmother's maiden name and she was born here in Kerrville, and of course, lived on Remschel Avenue. They were one of the first families to live here. We found the street and took some photos. We even located the lot where her house once stood. She told us that when she lived there her family had a tennis court, which was one of the first tennis courts in town. It was cool to connect to this piece of Greg's family history.

Another coincidental thing happened as we headed back to the Fudges' home. We were stopped on a street corner downtown and talked as we stood on the sidewalk. There were many bricks on the sidewalk, each with a name engraved on it. Greg just happened to glance down at the brick at his feet and the name was Remschel. When we looked closer we found three bricks on the sidewalk with the name Remschel. What are the chances!? We will have to ask Greg's grandmother who each of these people were.

Kerrville has become a special place for us now, after meeting the Fudges and connecting with Greg's family history here. What an amazing time we have had here. We rode back to the Fudges' home and they had made a wonderful dinner of fajitas and homemade taco soup to share with us, the stray bicyclists. We felt so at home with the Fudges and they made us feel so welcome, as if we had already known each other for years. Later that night Wiley came back home from setting up a booth for work. He, Tirza, Greg and I went out to their local hangout, the Ol' Watering Hole. We had a great time with them and met their friends. Everyone was really friendly and interested in what we were doing. It was nice to hang out with people our own age, since...I don't even know when. We were glad to be out meeting cool people and having good conversations. What a good day in Kerrville.


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